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Beginner Photography: How to Start Capturing Your Everyday Story

Have you ever looked at the LCD screen on the back of your new, expensive camera and thought "I wish I knew how to use this thing better?" You’re not alone, that’s what I say to my oven all the time. Regardless, keep reading!

Imagine creating images of your life journey that take you back to your favorite moments (or even your not-so-favorite but memory-worthy nonetheless, we don’t discriminate). Talk about some awesome time travel power. I want to teach you how to create these photos that show your real, honest life, and that you are proud to show off.


What You Will Learn:

  • Easy to implement topics such as light, composition, photo opportunities, and discovering what you want to capture

  • Basic gear

  • Manual mode and why to use it, plus a brief explanation of the exposure triangle (Shutter, Aperture, ISO)

  • For parents, overcoming the obstacle of your kid not wanting to be in photos! How to take candid photos to tell your story on your terms

  • Fun! We'll laugh, learn, and you'll gain a better understanding of how to photograph your everyday

What This Class Doesn't Cover:

  • Business or how to start a photography business of your own

  • Post-processing techniques

  • Posing or prop/backdrop set-ups. I shoot with a candid, documentary style and that is what I will teach you

What You Will Take With You:

  • New knowledge that you can implement immediately to take better photos of your story

  • An invitation to my private Facebook group for workshop attendees to get support, ask questions, and to post photos showing off what you have learned!

What to Have With You During the Course:

  • Your camera

    • While a DSLR is not required, a camera with manual settings is recommended

  • Your camera manual

  • A notebook and pen

  • A positive attitude and readiness to learn and have fun!

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