Walks with Dexter: Tuesday at the Park

With the onset of beautiful weather here in Minnesota, my fiance and I made the executive decision that we need to get outside more! Our dog Dexter, the most energetic animal on the planet (don't try to convince me that he's not #1 on the energy spectrum), also agreed during our lengthy discussion with him the other evening, As a result, Tuesday we made our way out to Bloomington to explore a local lake. We settled on a picnic for dinner and made our trip to explore. 

I've lived in Minnesota my entire life, yet it always amazes me how beautiful the state really is. Even in the middle of the city, you can find a serene body of water. We hiked the trails and chatted about mosquitoes and exciting smells and loon-spotting. Dexter couldn't get enough of the dirt, bugs, and bunnies, which always makes us chuckle and smile.

Our lives are, of course, busy. We are no different from anyone else in this crazy world of our's. But we are going to take more time this summer to explore our beautiful state and take in some fresh air every once in a while. I will have my camera in tow and make sure to document our summer walks with Dexter.