10 Moments to Document with Your Kids This Summer

10 Moments to Document with Your Kids This Summer

Minnesota Documentary Family Photography 10 Moments to Document with Your Kids This Summer 2018 by Alyxandra Teske

In honor of the first day of summer, I wanted to come up with a list of fun activities to capture of your kids during the season! There are so many opportunities to document the joy of these long, sunny days. These are times worth remembering!

Splashing Around

Regardless of how cold our Minnesota winters are, it still gets hot in the summer! Jump into a pool or head to a local splash pad to cool off. The giggles and laughs after a giant cannon ball or a water fountain splash are sure to produce memorable images of your kids.

Bubble Blowing

Grab your bubble wands and head outside to have some fun with these colorful globes. See who can blow the biggest bubble or try to catch them before they pop!

Sweet Treats

Ice cream, popsicles, oh my! To me, nothing tastes like summer like a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream. Chase down the ice cream truck and capture the thoughtful decision on what treat will satisfy your child'd sweet tooth. Capture the dripping of popsicle juice down their sweet chin. 

A Trip to See the Fish

As much as we wish the weather was sunny and bright every single day of summer, we all know that is not the case. On a rainy day, take a trip to the aquarium. The wonder of a child admiring the vast pool of fish is one of my favorite things.

A Walk in the Park

Take a stroll and capture the journey along the way. Whether you find a playground once you reach your destination, or you take a loop back home, there are sure to be lots of fascinating things to explore along the way.

Beach Bumming

Grab your pail and build a sandcastle. Search for treasures on the shore. Hanging out on the sand is sure to produce some memories with your kiddos.

Camp Out

Venture somewhere new or pitch a tent in the backyard! Even the living room is a great spot for a little camp-out. Grab lanterns, tell ghost stories, and snuggle up in your sleeping bags.

S’more Fun

Along with the camping theme, cook up these sweet treats! Capture sticky hands and full bellies. My opinion? Add peanut butter to those S'mores for a win!

Flashy Fireworks

The 4th of July is such a fun time, with barbecues, festivals, and of course, fireworks! Photograph the awe as your kids watch a Fireworks show, or snag a pic of them playing with sparklers.

Road Trip

Car vacations are a common part of our summers and maybe they are for you too! 

Documentary_Photography_Minnesota_Hyland_2018_1-34 (2).jpg

Have any moments to add to your list? Comment below! No matter what activities you partake in this summer, you are sure to create some amazing moments to capture. Grab your camera and document the summer to look back on for years to come!

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