Let’s document your story with passion & purpose.


Hey there, I’m Alyx!

I’m glad you are here, and even more glad that you are interested in documentary photography and what it has to offer. I serve those of you that want more out of your photos. Smiling, posed, happy family photos are great, don’t get me wrong, but you want something different. You want images that capture your real life (because your real life is the best life), and I am here to a.) show you how, and b.) get you in that frame so that YOU are in YOUR photos.

Many people know they want more out of their photos, but don’t know where to start. They know their favorite photos are the ones that happened by happy accident (Bob Ross, anyone?) because they caught a habit, a ritual, or a daily routine on their camera or cell phone. I’m here to help you capture those sweet moments in your real, unapologetic, authentic life so that you can preserve them intentionally.

I was recently wifed-up by my stud muffin husband, Jake, and we have the cutest fur baby OF ALL TIME (don’t argue with me, you’ll never win) named Dexter. You’ll find him on my Instagram feed pretty often because I’m a #prouddogmama and I own that. I have a thick Minnesotan accent, which does include dropping a “ya, you betcha” every so often. I am a hardcore Parks & Rec fan, and Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. I love giraffes so much that I tattooed one on my wrist. But most of all, I am so passionate about showing others that their real life is more beautiful than any magazine photo and that their story deserves to be documented and turned into a legacy.